What do I do if my purchase didn't go through?

Occasionally, purchases may not go through as intended. However, that is a key reason why we have a support team. If you ever have a purchase issue, concern, or anything along those lines. Please do not hesitate to create a support ticket. 

Now, when making a support ticket. Here are a few things that you MUST include.


  • Your in game name OR transaction ID. We need this to identify who you are.
  • What purchase you are having an issue with.
  • Any further information as to why it may not have worked.


Example Ticket: Hello GotPvP, My name is Josh. My in game name is "Urbanajlucas" and I recently purchased "King" rank. The transaction ID is XXXXXX under the email Currently, I have not received the rank on the "Creative" server which I play. If this could be resolved in a timely manner, that would be ideal. Have a nice day, and thanks for taking the time to read this!

This is just one of many reasons that a support ticket could be made, general questions or concerns are also welcomed (However, please avoid making tickets for things that could be resolved through the forums or contacting an online staff member). Hopefully, this helps clear up any confusion here; as always if you need any assistance contact an online staff member through /helpop, discord, or the forums.



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