How do I vote for GotPvP? What do I get from voting?

Voting for the GotPvP network not only helps support our growing network, but helps enhance your in game experience. By providing free items in game, to shop coupons for our top voters. Each player can vote on two different vote links, for a minimum of 4 keys, and have a chance to win extra keys per vote.


Vote Link 1:

Vote Link 2: 


Additionally, on a monthly basis as touched on above there are vote contests in which the top 10 voters receive shop coupons. To vote in game, follow the steps outlined below.


  1. Issue the command /vote - For a Vote GUI to pop up. From here, select the icon which will display the vote links.
  2. Click on the vote links directly in game, or posted above.
  3. Once on either one of these links, Type in your IGN and fill out the "Security Check" to ensure you're not a robot.
  4. Wait patiently in game for your vote to come through and keys to be issued. 


Will you get a lucky vote? As always, if you have any concerns feel free to make a support ticket or bring it up with an in game staff member. Enjoy playing!


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