How do I report someone for breaking the rules?

To report a player, there are numerous ways of doing so. The three most effective ways are as followed.


  • Contact an online staff member through /helpop or /msg to report a player or an issue.
  • Make a report on the server forums under the appropriate section.
  • Join the server discord and post into the #reports channel in which staff check actively.



Reports do not only help keep the community safe, they also provide an effective way to communicate with staff and rack up the needed posts to apply for staff. If you ever have a question about a punishment, feel free to visit the server rules page which is found here -

Server Rules:

It is necessary that all members of the community abide by these rules, and players can be reported if they do not choose to follow them.

If you have any concerns, comments, suggestions or questions in regards to this matter. Feel free to contact any online staff through /helpop, discord, or the forums. This, and or contact a member of the Forums reports team. Thanks!


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